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Ever since I was a little girl even younger than I am now I always felt good about you in a special way, I don't know how And we always seem to find our way back to the love that we are sharing And every time we say it's over I can't forget your sweet loving After every time we break up, thing always turn out the same I tell myself that I have shaped up, but I am still a part of this game You always seem to come back into my life When I thought I've forgotten you, you always show up It's drivin' me crazy, it's got me going wild And I don't know if this is ever gonna stop You always seem to come back into my world And this time I hope we're staying on track 'Cause I don't wanna be anybodyelses girl I hope this is the last time you'll ever come back I want you back 'cause you're a good man, The kinda' man who loves you all through the night And though it never turns like I planned Somehow it feels so right So this time, boy don't turn away 'Cause you'll always have a place in my heart And I swear I'm goona love 'til the day, 'til the day that death do us part

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