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Stuck between the cheapest thrills tonight Hello, what磗 up, good-bye Everyone磗 cool but nothing feels alright Until I finally get you on the phone To tell you that I磎 feeling down My hero, won磘 you come and save my day? My hero, let磗 talk the night away My hero, please alleviate the hurt My hero, the two of us against the world Against the world They磖e talking a thousand words - zero contents And everyone keeps smiling A fist in the pocket while shaking hands The meaning磗 gone Everything磗 gone So I finally pick up the pen To write this letter to my friend So I finally get you on the phone To tell you that I磎 coming home

Versurile piesa versuri cantece Superhero versuri cuvinte descarca. Asculta muzica straina asculta album Donots.

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