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I was choking on a cornflake You said “Have some toast instead” I was sleeping maybe three hours You said “You should get to bed” I was waiting at the church door For the minister to show I was looking at the new year You said “Walk before you crawl” I was feeling like a loser You said “Hey, you’ve still got me” I was feeling pretty lonely You said “You wanted to be free” I was looking for a good time You said “Let the good times start” With a quiver of your eyelid You took on someone else’s part Maybe I’m a little greedy You said “Think before you speak” Sometimes I’m a little seedy You said “Everyone is weak” Now I feel a little better Is there something I can do? But I never heard the answer I never had a clue But what about me I don’t really see How things will improve If all you want is to stay loose There’s a little echo calling Like a miner trapped inside If I tell her of this moment She will in me doubts confide And she’s on me like a blanket Like a stalk of wilting grass I’m not sure about her motives I’m not sure about her past But my faith is like a bullet My belief is like a bolt The only thing that lets me sleep at night A little carriage of the soul If it starts a little bleaker Then the year may yet be gold Happiness is not for keeping Happiness is not my goal But what about me I don’t really see How things will improve If all you want is to stay loose But what about them You play mother hen To a gaggle of gangling youth All you want is to stay loose I was living through the seconds My composure was a mess I was miles from tenderness It was dark outside, the day it was lying in pieces Everything is flat and dreary I couldn’t care what’s in the news Television is the blues Television is hysterical laughter of people And I know it could be me I’m always asking for more I keep running round in circles I keep looking for a doorway I’m going to need two lives To follow the paths I’ve been taking

Muzica Belle And Sebastian muzica straina asculta versuri Stay Loose cantece descarca. Melodiei descarca asculta cantece versuri melodiei cantece descarca asculta.

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