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Versuri Silence is golden

If I am silent then I am not real But if I speak up then no one will hear If I wear a mask there's somewhere to hide Silence is Golden I have been broken Safe in my own skin So nobody wins If I raise my voice will someone get hurt And if I can't feel then I won't get touched If no truths are spoken then no lies can hide Silence is Golden Nobody gets in Safe in my own skin So nobody wins Did you hear me speak Do you understand Did you hear my voice Will you hold my hand Do you understand me Won't someone listen Nobody gets in My body's a temple But nothing is simple Silence is golden I have been broken Something was stolen Safe in my own skin

Garbage cuvinte muzica straina versuri descarca cantece Silence is golden versuri ultima melodie melodiei. Melodiei asculta asculta descarca descarca cuvintele piesa Rock.

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