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I walk on stone, it leads me home. We don't have streets, just pure concrete. I'm not glad when I get home, I'm sad old Red, I don't wanna be alone. Chorus: Sad old Red, sat at home. Sad old Red, living on his own. Sad old Red, sat at home. Sad old Red, let me take you home. It's a cubic room, two hole peep through. Shadows on the wall of trees so tall. I think of her again, the joy she used to bring. Lay there in bed two words she said. She said Oh Red (repeat) Sad old Red, that's what I am. All the time, every night, Sad old Red.

Cantece Simply Red versurile versuri muzica straina cuvinte descarca versuri Pop melodia. Melodiei versurile cuvinte Sad old red muzica asculta.

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