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Versuri Sad Nights

I walked you to the corner we stood beside the bus And the tears rolled down our faces as the driver stared at us Typical summer that time of year When you go back to Toronto and I stay here And I’ll miss the way you wake up And the way that you sigh And I’ll miss the way you turn your head away when you cry I don’t think this time will fly Here comes the sad nights again Here comes the sad nights again Round about midnight when it’s still too hot to think We’ll go back down to the neighborhood and get ourselves a drink Everyday working not getting far You know this town ain’t much for starting up it’s only made for stars Later when I’m walking Underneath the starless sky There’s a couple in the doorway and I think I hear them cry But they turn their heads when I go by Here comes the sad nights again Here comes the sad nights again Last days of summer San Gennaro Feast There’s much hanging in the air and dancing in the streets People line the corners and they stand beside the fires And I’m watching from my window as the sparks go by Somewhere there’s a gunshot People scatter everywhere But it happens everyday so there’s still laughter in the air And as I lay down I wish you were here Here comes the sad nights again Here comes the sad nights again versuri melodia Sad Nights cantece muzica straina piesa melodia cuvinte Blue Rodeo. Mp3 versuri cuvinte cantece cuvintele.

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