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When you just give love And never get love You'd better let love depart I know it's so And yet I know I can’t get you out of my heart You may leave my happy home You took my love and now you’re gone Since I fell for you Love brings such misery and pain I guess it’ll never be the same Since I fell for you Well, it's too bad And it’s too sad But I’m in love with you You love me You love me then you snub me But what can I do? I’m still I’m still I’m still in love with you I guess I’ll never see the light I get the blues most every night Since I fell for you Since I fell for you...

Muzica straina Barbra Streisand piesa muzica descarca cantece ultima melodie versuri. Cuvinte versuri versurile album melodiei cantece cantece SINCE I FELL FOR YOU.

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