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You are witnessing the falling of my pride You are listening as I crumble from inside Shhhh… There are no secrets Only voices you haven’t heard There is no justice Only living what you’ve learned Listen… You can not use me You can not fade me You will never win [CHORUS] Tear a page from out my book Take a second look Steal away part of my life Turn me out inside My sacrifice was not my own I was not alone I keep running from myself And getting nowhere There is nothing I can say I haven’t said Thank you for listening to these voices in my head Shhhhh…… This is my revelation Lord, this is the end This is my exodus Oh Lord, I’ll break before I bend You can not use me… [CHORUS] Praying for one last breath I am dying inside You can’t just walk away You’ve got to swallow my pride I slide my pain in you It hurts, just like it feels I take it out on you And make this lie so real [CHORUS] Getting nowhere… ultima melodie versuri asculta Revelations. Mp3 cantece versuri cuvinte muzica straina cuvintele Hed Pe muzica cuvintele.

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