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Corre el tiempo, nunca te va a esperar Sopla el viento... La brisa te anuncia lo que te llegara Y cierras lo ojos Prefieres recordar Prefieres recordar A tener que enfrentar A tenerte que enfrentar Sociedad te canto a ti no te me tapes lo oidos, me me vas a oir Modernization. industrialization Feeding people violence now you go them all sick Pues let me tell you something por si tu no lo sabias It's coming back at' ya to get' ya I'm laughing at' ya while you talk about retro... Prefieres recordar, Prefieres recordar Prefieres recordar, Prefieres recordar The comback of the year, that's all you hear; but we know it's not for real 'Cause we're not coming back we're coming through; so why look back when the road's ahead of you Puya can read between your lines Anesthesia is the name of you plan Media tactics, strategies, nothing new to this; you'd rather remember... Prefieres recordar, you'd rather remember...

Ultima melodie cuvintele asculta versuri. Puya album muzica ultima melodie versurile muzica romaneasca album ultima melodie versuri melodia cantece Hip-hop album Retro.

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