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Versuri Resuscitation

Short circulated Sleeping through the dopamine When you've got nothing to fear Too low to notice Superman in disco jeans Having a good time Just wish I was here Resuscitation Bring me around Resuscitation Bring me down So separated Under watergun ballet When you've got no map You've got no place to go Some sexy killjoy Bring everybody down Well, I eat confusion And spit it out slow Resuscitation Bring you 'round Resuscitation Bring you down The road is paved with hope and glory But my shoes are hiding under the bed I need a little evaluation Rejuvenation Of soul and head So underneath Hanging on the bathroom rug Holding it together With rubber bands and chewing gum This mansion's crashing I'm just the butler's maid What do we care We just need our own parade Resuscitation Bring me down Resuscitation Bring me 'round

Resuscitation cuvinte muzica straina album album Sheryl Crow Cuvinte Diverse descarca descarca versuri asculta descarca versuri mp3 versurile.

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