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My beloved I have waited so long How can it be daylight keeps us apart Make me assured it is you and that no-one sees us Oh my princess your eyes shine so bright For your love I will give up my life Make me... Be aware of my father the king If he sees us he will surely lock me in the tower Make me... Come to me at night Whistle our tune at the feet of the tower Make me... Then I shall let out my hair it will light up the night so you'll find your way Make me... He stayed with his princess all through the night at down came the king Make me... Evil tongues came from far their minds filled with envy The princess with the golden hair shall not see her beloved again The king sentenced the young knight to death blind for his daughters prayers Make me... When the third day came to an end She drove a dagger through her ancient heart Make me...

Mp3 Kari Rueslatten melodiei melodiei piesa ultima melodie. Cantece album versuri melodia cantece Rapunsel descarca versuri descarca cuvinte melodiei muzica straina.

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