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Versuri Nothin but love

Straight outta Oakland, California where we spark it on ya Give a shout out to my partners in the darkest corners I remember drinkin Hennesey, smokin weed Fantasize about the things we'd grow to be Had a partner named Snoop, loved to clown a stank Smoke a pound a day, commenced to down a drank Shooting craps in the alley til they chased us off Pour a little for my homies but don't waste it all Oooohweee, who popped that coochie best? On my tattooed chest is where the hoochies rest Having house parties in a crowded spot And you can tell it's hot, they talk loud a lot Everybody wanna dance when the slow jam come Lookin dumb, cause you waitin for your chance to hump Straight grindin, everybody havin fun And it's cool til a fool pull a loaded gun Cause another dude kicked his Bacardi over He had to act a fool now the party's over Gun shots rang like it's thunder And everybody bum rushing and I'm rushing to get a number Says she got a man but she's lying Why? I seen her talking to this other guy and.. he's a dealer so you know she gonna sweat him I ain't trippin I just hope he get em, I got nuttin but love

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