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I You said you’d win me over I said you never would You said you’d wear me down, well, Never thought you could II So how did you make me love you? You’re not even my type You tore down my defences Against my best advice CHORUS (And) Now you tell you you’re leaving Now you tell me you can’t go on Now you tell me you’re leaving Now you tell me Now you tell me III I’d built my walls around me Out of common sense My natural inclinations Were my best defence IV I thought my heart was safe ’cause I kept it out of your sight So how did you steal it from me? Have I no legal rights? REPEAT CHORUS V I wish I’d never lost my head I wish I’d stuck to what I said It wouldn’t be me here cryin’ now I suppose I’ve made my bed And about those tears I shed It shouldn’t be me here cryin’ It shouldn’t be me here cryin’ REPEAT CHORUS AD LIB.

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