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Versuri Mountain Of Dead Souls

As I wander through the night In shelter of the nocturnal sphere Full moon shines on my pale skin Surrounded by the Immortal's screams Virgin of the night Under your spell I crawl Craving for liberation Longing for eternal darkness Shine on me, star of the damned And light my path to find my inner self Beyond the mortal existence My body - dead, my soul - alive Voices of the night They will guide my way Through this mystic atmosphere I feel the spirit of immortality And he went to the mountain of dead souls where he could rest and find new strength where he could die in peace die in peace apart the world of fools He raised his head up to the sky the cold wind caresses his face and he thought about the time when freedom ruled this world... Oh great beloved mother They took your grace away They snatch away your heart Slowly they drown your life's light I tried to keep them away from you I tried to defend your kingdom I tried to fight against their vanity But I failed...

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