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Masterpiece Conspiracy Evil eyes behind their smiles You swallow it up when sincerity lies Lock me up, label β€œdangerous” files Fear of the unknown, so scared of my style Alert the press and address the states of emergency We the crew you love to hate First mistake, you were never ready Dance with the dead, better be ten times more deadly This is me, I'm always the same Virus in the system, crash the mainframe Uprise, now fall in line Roll with the pack or get left behind chorus: It's a Masterpiece Conspiracy x3 It's a Masterpiece I'd rather hear it from you than be lied to Call it what it is like the heathens do Red lights of betrayal, deceived again Exposed by the light, true colors ascend Take down the regime, break the trend Bumrushed by your peers and your so-called friends Keep your people tight, watch your enemies close Trust what you know, soon enough they'll choke Where were you when we started this thing? You wasn't around, this ain't yours to claim You'll never take what's been given to us Wipe that smile off your face and that look of disgust Uprise, now fall in line Roll with the pack or get left behind chorus bridge: Liar, back stabber, betrayer, deceiver, liar, back stabber, betrayer, deceiver, LIAR! And you're such a back stabber (repeat)

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