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Versuri Look out below

All my life I've denied Ever knowing what its like You came around You shook my ground Now i'm searching for a srug to come down You're where I thought I'd never go I can't believe I did (Chorus): Look out below I'm letting go Look out below I'm falling completely I lost control I let it go Now I can see so clearly around me You're everything I need Deep inside is where you've been Ever since you wandered in And now I shine And get so high On all the things I used to deny Now i can never let you go I guess i'll just let you win (Chorus) To find All of the things I used to deny And I know That the closer you bring me It was to keep it alone Look out below (Chorus) You're everything I need (x3)

Mp3 mp3 descarca versuri cuvintele. Versuri melodia muzica Closure melodiei muzica straina melodiei melodia versurile descarca Look out below melodiei.

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