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Versuri Let it shine

(David Brown & Ray Gardner) Clap your hands, make a smile Let me know you hear me Stay a while, play with me Long as you are near me Way to go, straight I know Love to hear your laughter Without a care you are there Together ever after Me and you comin' through It's what we got together Lay it down, make it work No matter what the weather We got lot's of soul, lots of love Without a thought of givin' unselfishly You and me all the love we're given See the light Let it shi-i-i-ine Let it shine Down on me Feeling good Knew I wou-----ould Ever since You set me free

Cuvinte Santana descarca asculta ultima melodie Diverse melodia cuvinte versuri. Album melodia muzica straina versuri Let it shine muzica cantece.

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