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Versuri Leave me alone

I: Why did you kill one more heart tonight ? Dont you need someone to hold you tight ? Who will love you like I love, Who will hold you like I hold ? Kind of love that you will never find... Prerefren: Take away with you the moon and stars Shining in the beauty of your eyes, Take away my flowers and my kisses, You dont need my love and you wont miss me... I will hide my feelings deep inside Somewhere in the beatings of my heart, Go away, just leave me dying, Im a man but/[sometimes] I am crying. Refren: Leave me alone ! Leave me alone ! Alone, alone, You just... Leave me alone ! I dont wanna cry... Leave me alone ! Alone... Leave me alone ! Leave me alone ! Alone, just leave me, You just leave me alone I dont wanna cry... Leave me alone ! Alone... II: We could have the stars in the moonlight, You could feel my kisses all your life... All my dreams and all your feelings, All your love and all my lyrics, Now are gone away, forever gone... Prerefren:.. Refren:..

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