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Versuri Learning to smile

Slow and easy is a dimension Gonna laugh it up, laugh it up They say you make no fool of you An' it's new for you to gaze Up and down inside yourself Inside yourself It's good in here It's pretty far out Yes, we're all just learning how to smile We're looking out to you We're looking out to you Show your love, bite me now Put a hand in and take it out You can try to make me mad Or change my mind, be careful So you want me there now So you want me there now Barely moving I stagger - ha Some interpretation There's a buzzing in the station Spinning station unravel me Cross platforms with rehearsed travel Rehearsed travel Looking out to you An were learning how to smile melodia asculta album album. INXS album Rock Learning to smile cuvintele mp3 versurile mp3 versuri muzica straina versuri.

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