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It’s been a while, since I saw you the last time And it feels like I never will again I told you that I am a mess, but you didn’t seem, you didn’t seem to care No I can’t hold you down, but try to think about me as before I am the greatest fool of all When things were a lot better, and we always looked at each other, with equal love Never burning, the other one’s heart on a stick, and just throwing to waste No I can’t hold you down I never really wanted to I am the greatest fool of all So many things, I wanted you to know But couldn’t tell you on the phone Afraid that you would laugh, and say that I’m a fool Well maybe I am, but I am the greatest fool of all

Melodia mp3 versurile asculta cuvinte cantece Fireside asculta cuvintele ultima melodie versuri. Asculta melodia Jupiter versuri melodiei album melodia muzica straina.

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