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Wake up my love, the sun is shinin’ out there, blue sky up above It’s a brand new day, let’s walk outside and let that breeze blow all our cares away. You know that way back there in that city life We’ve been strangers for so long Now that I feel like I know you again I want to stay. So long ago (yeah), we had a love so warm and bright when we had just begun That was my last dream, since then I’ve watched the rest crumble one by one. Since we’ve been runnin’ silent yeah it’s felt so right It’s gettin’ closer now everyday Now that I feel like I know you again I want to stay. (sha la la sha la la) You know that on my own I don’t make it alone I need someone who needs me I only know that wherever you are I want to be. But from now on, we won’t worry about a thing, yeah the past is gone This is our last day (yeah), we’re gonna make sweet love before we sail away. (fade) sha la la sha la la Drums: Glen Le Fleur Bass Guitar: Gary Taylor Piano/Organ: Tommy Eyre Saxophone: Raphael Ravenscroft Steel Guitar: Brian Cole Accordion: Willy Ray Electric Guitar: Hugh Burns Vocals: Gerry Rafferty

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