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Versuri I wanna get you

I: From the first time boy you got my eyes My heart started racing, something is taking over me I have to get control to me I do even show it, but boy I know you felt it II: Something changed deep inside Boy you make me feel alive Always down so I can see If this thing were ment to me It's alright, it's all good Hold it down represent your ?? I got to make show, what's the right for me.. Refren(x2): I wanna get to know you And make you mine But you move a little too fast Boy, take your time let's make it last. III: Uuh, I like the way you dance All the girls are walking And I ?? that they're checking you The're thinking what he sees in me ? Is it because my sexy way? I'm for real boy, just don't think. II:.. Refren(x2):.. II:.. Refren(x4):..

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