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Versuri I Wanna Love You Forever

Ah, ooh, ooh, oh You set my soul at ease Chased darkness out of view Left your desperate spell on me Say you feel it too I know you do I’ve got so much more to give This can’t die I yearn to live Pour yourself all over me And I’ll cherish every drop Here on my knees Chorus: I wanna love you forever And this is all I’m asking of you Ten thousand lifetimes together Is that so much for you to do? Cuz from the moment that I saw your face And felt the fire in your sweet embrace I swear I knew I’m gonna love you forever Oh My mind fails to understand What my heart tells me what to do And I’d give up all I have Just to be with you And that would do I’ve always been taught to win And I never thought I’d fall Be at the mercy of a man I’ve never been Now I only want to be right where you are Chorus Whoa oh In my life I’ve learned that heaven never waits, no Lets take this now before it’s gone like yesterday, oh Cuz when I’m with you there’s no where else that I would ever wanna be No! I’m breathin for the next second I can feel you Loving me I’m gonna love Chorus Forever, hey! Everyday, everyday

Muzica I Wanna Love You Forever versuri versuri cantece cuvintele cantece. Ultima melodie muzica cantece cuvintele album cuvintele muzica straina melodiei Jessica Simpson.

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