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coming down through the alley trying to walk without a sound it doesn’t really matter ‘cause there ain’t no one around tip toe through the alley and tip toe through your life you still got it coming be it gun be it knife next thing you know you’re eating hospital food karaoke castration take the wasp alive he’s gonna sting you anyway and take you to the hive yesterday was suckin’ and tomorrow’s looking bad who knew that today was the only thing I had hospital food want some hospital food hospital food delicious hospital food in your tribute album to the world you must never forget to sing the one about the cat who’s always getting wet he always got a problem he’s a very bitter dude and now he’s complaining about his hospital food hospital food it’s gonna help the medicine go down want some hospital food gonna take a walk without a sound a little hospital food helps the spoonful of sugar come up I want some hospital food in your blender and in my cup piesa muzica versuri mp3 melodiei Eels muzica straina versuri. Album versurile descarca piesa Hospital food versurile.

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