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Love – a fairytale in my old book of fantasy trust – but better control before you want to believe warmth – you’re totally hot or out there in the cold wrong is what I was thinking Say, that I am your girl and that you love me only time, is rushing away and you‘re still not here with me cool, I should be when you say that you don’t like my hair why, am I even with you, why d’ I stay? OUR LOVE IS HISTORY CAUSE YOU DON’T CARE FOR ME I’M LEAVING, THIS IS GOODBYE, GOODBYE yeah YOU’RE NEVER BY MY SIDE I WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE THIS IS THE END, CAN’T YOU SEE IT Say, that all is ok and that you are still my man time, is slipping away and you are not here again cold, is your face when you’re talking about our life why? ”Are you my lover... ...or is it more???” I should have known that it was wrong to think that love is everlasting “I should have never been together with you!” You were mine and I thought I could be anytime alone you were mine and I thought this is love But it’s now that the story is dead I will never be sad you were playing with me Love is all that I wanted and it’s all that I feel, I am losing you padapapa - I’m free, yeah all the time why didn’t you ever say you prefer the other way you’re not like the other guys around Goodbye melodia mp3 Die Happy melodiei cuvinte. Piesa descarca versuri versuri muzica straina album descarca asculta piesa.

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