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Versuri Fight!! Shoot!! Kill!!

Fight! Shoot! Kill! 10 ways to hate!!!!!! Don't you look! Close your eyes! Don't be afraid to look inside! What's it about? Let it in or throw it out! Fight! And prepare to... Shoot! Don't be afraid to... Kill! Come on and fuck all the shit! When it ends it starts again Flashbacks each day Give me 10 ways to hate Long is the way out of hell! Don't be afraid to pay off well! Don't ask me why! Up them sleeves and say goodbye! Stop it or I'll shoot, just kill it, Go away! Or I'll stop it and I'll shoot, when it starts again Now I can't die so I stop it! Fight it! Shoot it! Kill it! So fuck it!!! album Dimension Seven asculta. Cantece versuri versuri cuvinte muzica cuvinte piesa versurile Fight!! Shoot!! Kill!! cuvinte asculta muzica straina.

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