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Versuri Demonic Possesion

(chorus) Demonic Possession His court’s in session I sign my confession Demonic Possession It was raining on the day she told me them things that fella sold me Mama wasn’t thee to scold me No prison or cell could hold me I still recall the date I’z probably about eight when I sealed my fate You honor I rightly state (repete chorus) Suddenly I had a foot hold I became such a butthole I don’t need nobody consoling me No one but the devil controlling me I can kick ass and talk backward I hang out with a whole bunch of slackers and I know I can get some help from him I listen to a lot of Led Zeppelin (repete chorus) I got so much money I don’t need smarts My records are flying to the top of the charts and I’m eating in all those fancy restaurants and Hanging out with Sam Phillips and I owe it all to him Oh, the shape I’m in The devil says the only thing that’s buggin him is Hell’s filling up with Republicans (repete chorus twice) lyrics by Patterson Hood music by Drive-by Truckers (Cooley, Hood, Howell, Lane, Neff, Sell)

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