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Versuri Delight

Key:- R -Ray A-Anita R: Stand right up and be your witness 2 Unlimited O'Yeah we're the fittest Moving, don't dare to be a chicken 'Cause the bass is so finger licking Let it move you'll, till it suits you'll This beat was put here to groove you'll The A, N, I, T and A Back to back with the homeboy Ray R: I going to the galaxy like a bomb Don't wanna come, heh and your dawn On the scene, a beauty queen And all the those things you ever dream off Welcome to it, keep on swiving 'Cause you know it's about surviving Keep yours ears open with the deathtone 'Cause we come from the lights just come along A: Delight Delight Delight A: Delight gives me good vibrations Fills me up with nice sensations On and on till I can't take no more Delight is what I came here for Please let me tell you this This is a chance you cannot miss 2 Unlimited on the scene Yes I am a beauty queen A: Delight Delight Delight

Cuvinte versuri ultima melodie asculta mp3 melodia muzica straina. Versurile A Canorous Quintet album versuri Delight melodiei cantece.

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