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Versuri Deep Ending

Our game is over I know it’s too late But still we learn from each and every mistake A sweet simple love maybe we’ve overgrown I’ll be getting over on my own Our love is like our shower It runs hot and cold hot and cold It’s getting colder, I wanna hold you Let me be your blanket when it’s getting colder. I’m depending depending depending on you I’m deep-ending, I’m at the deep end I don’t know, I don’t know what to do You stop messing around stop messing You stop messing around stop messing You stop messing around stop messing Around round round round round You should have a license to love You’re loving dangerously You’re weaving all over my heart Now I need a jump start baby

Muzica straina album mp3 ultima melodie Deee Lite piesa cuvintele album. Melodia Deep Ending muzica versuri versuri.

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