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That's no lie, no déjà vu Oh you trying, trying, trying to steal my heart away Away Oh, baby just tonight you're so good to me My number one 90 ways to fight with no guarantee We can't go wrong My heart is a lonely number - baby, I'm more than a lover Kiss me, maybe my love will drive you crazy It's no déjà vu (déjà vu) Oh it's like a dream to me (déjà vu) Baby can't you see I'll hold you forever - I can make it better You get what you want out of me It's no déjàvu (déjà vu) You are still a mystery (déjà vu) Baby can't you see My heart is in motion - I'll give you devotion Oh, baby you're too good for me Baby I'll be there for your lonely heart God only knows Baby I do care - never tear apart Heaven will show My heart is like a thunder Baby, you can't stop my feelings Kiss me, maybe my love will drive you crazy

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