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Versuri Cold And Overcome

Stuck within Again I fought it out quickly Floating on this shard, my one, and my true only Pray …I remain strong and Cry … out to my Lord Strain … to hear someone Try … to … stay… A… Wake… Stuck within Again I am so… Cold…Look inside I am so cold Stuck within Again Life passes before me As I shiver knives piercing my skin too numb to notice it Pray….to stay conscious Cry…to feel some warmth Strain….to see someone Try… to… stay…A…Wake… Stuck within again I'm so… Cold…Look inside I am so cold Stuck within again I am stuck within but I do not worry I'll soon be warm, just Stay awake I am too far but, I see forever Faith covers me and blankets away the cold I see you You don't see me I'm right in front of you Once you left me in the dark, and I'm seeing now that it was not as it appeared to be for you were with me all along and you carried me, it was the travelling man who asked you once if you had taken it for granted that you had all you could have ever asked for and you would never have to beg Pray, he'll take you there Cry, out for mercy Strain, to follow him Try, to be like him and Try to stay awake melodia versuri cuvintele muzica straina. Downface Cold And Overcome versurile versuri asculta melodiei versurile melodiei piesa.

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