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My troubled old heart dear is beating with pain, You’ve gone and I know I’m the one who’s to blame, You’ve gone in the world to make a new start, And left as a mem’ry your brand on my heart. They say you were crying while packing your things And left me your locket and bright golden rings, The plans for your future I’ve broken apart Now all I have left is your brand on my heart. You say you were sorry it ended this way And that I’ll find someone to love me someday, Another to cherish the love you once knew, But darling that someone can only be you. The flowers you planted, that rose you loved best Its soft velvet petals are now closed in death The birds have hushed singing, it all plays a part To deepen the wound of your brand on my heart. I’m appealing to you for forgiveness today For all of your tears darling I’ve had to pay, If you’ll just forgive me we’ll make a new start And no more will I carry your brand on my heart.

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