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Versuri Better Days

It’s not the way you smile that makes me realize I think I love you It just might be that all my life I’ve been searchin’ for Someone just like you Takin’ my time Everything’s fine I call you by the phone Nobody’s home We’ve got better days There’ll be better days We’ve got better days Yeah I don’t know why but I wanna cry Every time you touch me I’ve givin’ up, just can’t help it In your arms is where I’d rather be I just can’t hide it So I decided to give Stored away, I’ve got the strength to live There’ll be better days We’ve got better days There’ll be better days Yeah Better days, better days (repeat) ultima melodie Chaka Khan versurile cantece ultima melodie. Versuri versuri muzica straina cuvintele cuvintele Better Days descarca cuvinte.

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