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Versuri All In The Way

(Maurice White/Wayne Vaughn/Wanda Vaughn/Wendi Vaughn) ©2003 MAURICE WHITE MUSIC/SONY TUNES, INC. (ASCAP) STILLA QID MUSIC (ASCAP)/VAUGHNWA MUSIC (ASCAP) WENDI VAUGHN MUSIC (ASCAP) It’s all in the way That you call out my name In the night just to say That you love me baby It’s all in the way That you touch and embrace me It makes me go crazy I’m in love I’m here for you You are here for me Simple as it seems Because of our love But listen babe, the truth The good in me is you And if you need some proof Just look into my eyes and I tell you one more time Chorus Let me break it down clearly babe For if some reason can’t feel me Let me tune you in To my way - Cause if you understand What you do to me You’ll never have a reason to leave Baby don’t cha’ know It’s you me - all about we love it’s - All in the way - you - me All about -we love My thoughts are replaced by your lovely face - And the smile that you bring I can’t erase - The warmth of your love is like amazing grace - How sweet it is in your way Repeat Chorus Out

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