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[Verse One: 2Pac] Dear baby you the picture of perfection Straight from your million dollar smile to my attraction to your complexion No hesitation needed; you got me inhalin the aroma of your perfume, and feelin heated I move closer to drop the lines of my introduction Hold out my hand, and grab yo' hand, now we touchin My lyrics are poetry So baby get a ticket to go with me Thugged out so you notice me It's a positive attraction; see pictures of us layin butt-naked on the beach kickin back relaxin And only you can calm, the savage beast Look in my eyes are you surprised, that it's me? I wanna make you mine I'm kissin on you tryin to make it different every time (that's right) I'm so lonely in my bedroom, lookin at the walls Withcha number in my hand, wonderin should I even call her tonight [Chorus: Jazze Pha] Anytime you like, baby you can call me Need a thug up in yo' life, never find nobody like me Cause I know what you want, and girl you know I got you You got what I need, and shorty it's all on you Baby call on me [Verse Two: 2Pac] Been gettin nuttin but bad news, ever since the day you left me I sit and wonder is there a way, you could forget me Remember my phone calls, my late visits Us havin breakfast in bed, then we straight kick it Me and you in satin sheets, 'til after two Come take a walk on the wild side, enjoy the view Whenever we collide; it's bound to be a pleasurable time Makin love 'til the early light Sweetheart don't fight the feelin Come get a shot of this plain dealin and concentrate on the ceiling It's my intention to brush up Beware of the fireworks, cause everytime we touch.. .. it's bound to be, so relax, clown with me As if you're down with me, get around and see The brother with tattoos and no fears Runnin my fingers through your hair if you call me [Chorus] [Verse Three: 2Pac] Pardon me, but let's be specific Baby cause if you down with me, nigga we can kick it And let's take trips and ride airplanes A hundred thousand dollar car on dem gold thangs, so can you hang? Cause we can be real tight (right) I got a big suite at the hot', if it feel right My only wish is to be witcha You got me steady strivin to getcha Fantasizin of friendly pictures The pressure's gettin major I wonder will you answer my call, if I page ya Got me goin wild with anticipation Face to face with us locked up in strange places, what will it take Cause the heartache be heatbreak, is my prediction when you falsify and start fake, in my position I'm a careful man, but a player when I ball Got my eyes on you baby, can I call? [Chorus] - repeat 2X

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