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Versuri Thug n u thug n me

[2Pac] Put me in that; ay come on JoJo ('Pac.. hahaha) Yeah that type of shit (maybe it's the thug in me) You know what time it is (maybe it's the thug in me) [2Pac] By age thirteen I was buckwild, good at my knuckle game Made it through a tough childhood never be the same Walked in my daddy's shoes No time to be a peaceful man had to shatter fools That's 'til I put my eyes on you God damn, sweetheart you got some thighs on you Now I can't wait to get you home, get you all alone In my bedroom, baby can we bone, and get it on Tell me lady how you like me and if you want it harder baby, come and bite me but do it lightly; cause that excites me to let it pop And if you lick me right, I'll do it all night Only got fucked by a drug dealer Never felt the real passion of a thug nigga (haha) Though I like the way you scream when you lovin me I'm goin deep, it's the thug in me; so whatchu sayin girl? [Chorus: K-Ci & JoJo] * A thug nigga like me, I need a thug lady like you Got a lot of thug in me, that I wanna put in you A thug nigga like me, I need a thug lady like you Got a lot of thug in me, that I wanna give to you * 'Pac repeats Maybe it's the thug in me at various points [2Pac] Moan baby when we bone it's on It's so strong niggaz in the next room'll cum I got ya head swingin, tongue kissin as I hit it from the back with the bed ringin (haha) Give me space as I lick ya face, stick the place Synchronize so I drive when they kick the bass Love fuckin in tha mo'nin I get ya wet and bust a sweat, then I'm gone Left you on yo' own girl Tell me what you feel like, blindfolded I'm cold do it real nice - that's if it feel right Maybe it's the thug in me I pull ya hair while we fuckin in the chair, when ya lovin me Up against the wall, you can have it all; just try Bet my kiss, can get you high, don't pass by Grab me by my nuts when I'm lovin you Now open up and let me put the thug in you [Chorus] [2Pac] Say baby what's your phone number? Be warned, I'm like a storm with my own thunder, I make the room rumble In and out long stroke, hold ya breath now Close your eyes deep throat - did you like it? Oooh I'm excited! Cause it's a party in my bedroom, you're invited - c'mon now Let me see ya shake your rump, tell me how long will it take to cum, havin fun Do it one on one and we can all get involved First y'all do me, then I'll fuck y'all When you call me the next day to get sexed by a nigga in the best way Yeah baby it's a price to pay, only play in the fast lane When you a hustler, motherfuck a cash came I gotcha goin wild, cause I'm lovin you Drugged out with this motherfuckin thug in you [Chorus] - 2x [2Pac] I don't wanna talk, I don't want no explanations I don't got no motherfuckin explanations, y'knahmsayin? It's the thug in me Don't be askin why I'm pullin your hair and why I fuck so motherfuckin thuggish That thug passion, y'knahmean? Bitch, no mercy What you scared of? Didn't you come over here to get fucked? You ain't come over here for me to be strokin, and all that bullshit You came over here to get fucked Shit, if I ain't fuck you thug style Bitch you'd leave my house talkin bout, Tupac can't serve me Won't have me crossed up in that bullshit, hahaha Turn over! Maybe it's the thug in me! (That too baby..) (Ohh yeah, ohh that's right.. mhmm.. okay.. okay baby.. yeah..)

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