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Nowhere Lyrics [INTRO:] Listen, first, you must travel, a long, desolate road This road that you shall travel, will seem like nowhere. That nowhere, will turn into somewhere Keep your head up Bubba, don’t let nobody get you down, Cause that road you travel will turn around I’ve accepted every challenge, and risen to all occasions A country boy that’s got his shit like Randy Moss and Jason Perhaps some of these numerals don’t fit in ya’lls equation If your opinions coincide with that you oughta save ‘em Lookin’ for the greatest Southern rapper, fuck it period Negative spirits they only keeping down a myriad Of Satan’s substances, and my systems’ still my wisdom It never once compromised that between God and I Never once forgotten my manners Cause my ma’ama played in public housin’ in Alabama But she had a diff’rent plan for me, russ and ginger Thank the lord for Jimmy Mathis, pops he must remember us Are you really down when those other clowns disappear Taught me how to set the scope, shoot and leave with the deer Man made me drink the blood, and showed me life was precious The muddy road from nowhere to somewhere is my direction [Chorus] I know what it’s like to be nowhere I know what it’s like I know what it’s like to be nowhere I know what it’s like Can you relate the kids, six fish sticks on the plate All writin’ to Santa Claus, I guess he got the list too late Or to catch the fish you bait the hook with lil’ Dylan’s poo-poo On Mr. Allen’s property, he catch you, he will shoot you Let these cats amuse you with comical depictions But where I’m from being broke is no honorable affliction Love some Jimmy Carter, but we never even voted But slum is still slum, so you best believe we told it Every five armed from AK’s to 30-30’s And from live watch to live stock they pays the early birdy Thus we worked the land like you worked the block with yayo But I choose keys over cattle cause the profits way more But I might get locked away though peddling the sno cones So we keep it simplified with papers of that homegrown It’s the finest shine that you can find on this side of Memphis From east nowhere to west somewhere still the grind is endless [Chorus] It all comes down to this, one last chance to advance Beyond the second round of the big dance, all my plans Of being viewed as something special, more than just the other one We’ll vanish from the papers and the plague the South has suffered from The world’s weight plus a ton, restin’ on my shoulders But what’s attractive, to ease my nerve, is blessed to the beholder Cause Eminem’s incredible, but did I really need to say this For ya’ll to leave my soul at rest and add me to your playlist But this time I may just, leap and clear that hurdle man Cause there’s gonna be a million more, who knows if they’ll be worth a damn Bubba K, I surely am, with that silky kinda sound Carson Daily host it out, I’ll be early for this time around Cause I’ve come to far for my own mistakes to quell me Cause looking back at self improvement proves an aching ailment Cause nothing they can tell me will get me somewhere in a hurry If I’m nowhere, then that nowhere will leave me no more need to worry

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