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Versuri Guilt On Skin

[music: Sipilä & CHARON, lyrics: Leppäluoto] These hollow, These hollow grounds, Breathing every step inside that sorrow. And I lied, and I lied that you would survive. These weeping, these weeping times lasts for years yet you’re the one to face it and I lied, And I lied that we would be fine. Rush that I’ve already killed, Lust that I’ve already spilled on you, Your eyes made me crave for this. Strange shivers in strange ways tonight, Something passed the joy that I’ve collected and I felt, And I felt all beauty’s dead. This weeping, this weeping nights lasts forever yet I’m the one to face it and I felt, And I felt all cruelty’s done. She dances the dark side of the moon, She’s overdose, The beauty in cold. Cold, Just to feel that I’m alive, Just to feel the guilt on skin. Your blood, Your flesh makes me crave for this. This rush that I’ve already killed, the lust that I’ve already spilled on you. Your eyes made me crave for this. cantece cuvintele muzica cuvinte. Muzica straina melodia asculta descarca versuri versuri album cantece piesa Guilt On Skin Charon.

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