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no god will be above us to spread disease around never do we bend for a lord that you’ve made we respond with our hatred on you no chance to walk the future can’t spread some made up words he could not be able, his corpse is on the cross and never shalt we serve with hate invade his kingdom we’re the enemies of thy god bring ruin as it must be we’re the enemies of thy god eye for eye, the nemesis will bring dismay bleed for god, consigned to hypocrisy his misery, on the cross he takes the blame nazarene with no doubt we’d kill again soon you’ll face the truth in a grave all alone as he said ”a religion for you” witness and behold by your hands you’re deceased laughing in scorn as you’re buried alive the revolt shall cripple the faith know now as your idols will burn before me there is none as there is no sense in god we’ll have to put an end to his lie

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