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Versuri Disillusion

i know you’re tired of tryin’ beat right down to the ground. oh, you see the day is comin’, one of us will let you down. you camouflage the way your eyes speak, but we’re just one step behind. you think you know life and it’s meaning, while you drink your coke and crown. disillusion, it’s a disillusion. disillusion, it’s a disillusion. you manage to blame everyone, but you’re the martyr still. you get perfection from a secret satellite and all obey at your will. oh, it’s in your head it’s all in your head now, boy it’s in your head it’s all inside your head.

Descarca versuri Disillusion cuvintele album melodia muzica. Melodiei Aerial cuvintele asculta cuvintele melodiei muzica ultima melodie muzica straina versuri.

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