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I watched the sun come up on Portland I waved goodbye to all my friends I packed my car and headed to LA I gave away all my loose ends Somebody said you gotta get away To wanna go back home again I left my universe standing there Holding the hand of my best friend And it's laughter that I feel when I think of you It's one more dusty rose about to turn I'll see you when I reach New Mexico If I'm in the mood to crash and burn I wrote a letter that I never mailed I rehearsed a dialogue in my head In case you ever wanted to track me down I'll take my cell phone to bed And it's laughter that I hear when I close my eyes And it's one more punchline I forgot to learn I call you up when my bottle's dry I'm on my way to crash and burn Antigone laid across the road And let a mack truck leave her there for dead Just because her lover split the scene Well love might be great but why lose your head Well, it's laughter that comes up when I cry for you And my heart may break again before it learns And I might be stupid enough to want to fall again Cause I've gotten use to the crash and burn I say I've gotten use to the crash and burn Crash and burn Crash Crash Crash and burn

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