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I know a guy who lives in a box He built it himself of cement and rocks And he'll never come out though I beg and plead He's got all that he wants if not all that he needs You see he couldn't take the world and what it's done to him He just had to escape, had to shut himself in Now his walls are his friends so he's never alone And he's never bothered in his cubic home Living in a box Every night and day Living in a box And I'm here to stay Living in a box There's no escape And though I try I can never get away, HEY! Out in my box that is also my van Just another six weeks of one night stands And I can't get away, cause it's where that I go From the van to the club to our nightly hotel You see it takes me to places, even took me to you I got no choice, I gotta pay my dues Worth it or not, there's no escape from my cell One hour of fun for twenty three of Hell Living in a box for so long I got to find my way out to go on And what I got is no time for you I'm in my box without a thing to do Look at yourself, you're living the same Locked behind walls that your brother has made You were born in a box, you work in a box, you live in a box AND YOU'LL DIE IN A BOX So much more that's outside your sphere But you walk on by never knowing how near So much more than the walls do show But if you're not very careful then you'll never know!

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