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Versuri Anything You Need

1 - I’m so glad that you came and found me Don’t have to cry cuz it’s all right I’m so glad that you came and found me Anything you need, you know I’ll be much obliged The time has come to let you know Just what I’m feeling I’m feeling in my soul I never wanted no, to fall so deep for you But now you’ve got me completely in love But if you wanna know If you wanna now then I will have to show you What I’m feeling in my heart Never be afraid you can count on me Cuz I’ll protect you I’ll respect you I’ll always be around Repeat 1 Please don’t be alarmed by my hesitation To notice your charm I wasn’t too optimistic about it at first But now I’m so, so very glad Repeat 1 People say that love can be unkind It can tear your heart to pieces And shake you up inside But I don’t worry about tomorrow Cuz I believe in the power of love Break it down Ad lib Thinking about you Can’t live without you Anything that you need Baby, you can count on me Repeat above until fade

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